What is Bekopak

What is Bekopak?

Bekopak has been a supplier of thin-walled thermoformed packaging since 2002 and is BRC certified. Bekopak supplies the agricultural sector and meat processing companies (food sector). Bekopak pays a lot of attention to quality, hygiene and safety. Bekopak started manufacturing cardboard trays in September 2017, which are complementary to the range suitable for fresh produce.

At Bekopak, service is of paramount importance.

We are happy to come by for a no-obligation conversation to inform you about the (usage) possibilities of our products. Bekopak develops customer-oriented customized solutions. Think of the development of handmade prototypes to the development of a complete mold. Together we come, step by step and in close consultation with you, to a product that is tailor-made for your company.

When you order dishes from us you can have them at home within 2 days. Our entire range is in stock all year round.

In short, Bekopak helps you to pack your products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bekopak helps to save space during transport. Bekopak helps you present your product as attractively and conspicuously as possible at the point of sale, without unnecessarily demanding (shelf) space. Bekopak products offer the correct protection for your product against damage and also meet any other requirements that you set for packaging as much as possible.


Bekopak is committed to hygiene. Year on year we meet the high requirements of the BRC certificate.

BRC Packaging & Packaging materials certificering

The BRC Packaging & Packaging materials standard stands for British Retail Consortium Industry of Packaging and has been introduced for producers of food packaging material.

With a BRC certification, we show that the quality and food safety of your packaging material is at a high level. With BRC there is a lot of attention for hygienic production, personal hygiene and the control of all possible infections.

View the BRC Certificate here

A partnership with Bekopak is well worth it.