Bekopak will at all times examine the possibilities in consultation with the buyers to find the product-packaging combinations with the lowest environmental impact in the chain in question.

As a result of the social debate in the field of packaging in the Retail, an extensive independent investigation was set up by KIVD and, among other things, a large growers' organization of which Bekopak is also a supplier. All possible materials were assessed for quality, applicability, sustainability and efficiency. The choice for a recyclable solution is in line with the advice of the Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV)


Paper and cardboard are usually made from wood fibers. These come from wood and old paper. Paper and cardboard are therefore natural products that are also easily recyclable. Paper and cardboard are ready for a circular economy.

Paper and cardboard are unique products. In addition to an endless renewable source (wood) that absorbs CO2, they are produced in an environmentally conscious way. And are they food for new products after use? Old paper forms the basis for new paper and cardboard. 85% of new paper and cardboard made in the Netherlands consists of recycled old paper and cardboard. 86% of the used paper and cardboard is collected and reused.

Recycling of paper and cardboard offers major benefits such as:

  • Reducing the waste mountain
  • Sustainable use of used materials
  • Less use of new raw materials
  • Reduction in energy and water consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Increasing involvement of society in making sustainability

rPET qualities

The aforementioned research has shown that rPET packaging has 70-80% less CO2 emissions than conventional PET packaging, which makes a huge / impactful step towards sustainability.

Bekopak therefore also has the option of exporting packaging in complete rPet (recycled PET), so 100% rPET material.

rPet is a proven product in the packaging industry and is fast becoming the new standard in an entirely new generation of sustainable packaging.

  • Sturdy, beautifully finished product of high quality
  • Growing availability of raw materials and rapid technological development
  • Recyclable and sustainable material

Positive appearance

  • rPET is a workable, durable material
  • rPET is recommended by renowned brands in the food industry, retail
  • More and more customers and consumers are recognizing rPET
  • rPET is an environmentally friendly packaging material on the market